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We all know how important it is to be insured. But does it really need to be about as painful an exercise as having your teeth extracted gradually without anaesthetics? Easyway Insurance Brokers is different! We don’t prescribe to the old and becoming antiquated model of acquiring insurance – you just tell us what YOU want, and we will do all we can for you to a fulfill your wishes.

That is the way insurance should be. No hours spent in analysis of needs and objectives, and deliverance of mumble jumble to only land up with what you wanted and could actually afford in the first place!! I know – I did that for over 20 years! Jumping through the silly hoops of “Fact Finds” and “Statements of Advice” – that really were of little consequence and frequently cast aside for the actual solving of YOUR needs.

What we do at Easyway Insurance Brokers is provide what you ask for. Simple.

What we also do is “Give Back”. Easyway Insurance Brokers, supports The Smith Family Foundation and the disadvantaged children in Australia  by donating $1 for every quote we provide – whether proceeded with or not.

So by supporting us, you are also supporting others in need and while you are at it, you could also save yourselves $$$ on your insurance premiums.


  • Life Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disability
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection


  • Business Insurance
  • Professional Medical
  • Building & Trades
  • Farming
  • Vehicle
  • Pleasure craft (jet skis, boats….)
  • Property Owners
  • High Risk (horseriding, motorcycle riding….)

There is only one choice for great service.

Mums, Dads, Professionals & Tradies – Easyway Insurance Brokers will have you all covered in no time.